Products and services

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UAB BALTIC METAL CONSTRUCTIONS manufactures various stainless steel, aluminum and ferrous metal products according to individual orders. It can be:

    • frames, brackets and other metal constructions;
    • pressure vessels, accumulative tanks  and all types of containers;
    • steel carts, carriers, metal platforms, railings;
    • non-standard products and more.

We can also offer products from the assortment of previously manufactured products. They can be tailored to individual customer needs. Part of our previously manufactured products can be found in the PROJECTS WE MADE section.

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UAB BALTIC METAL CONSTRUCTIONS provides a wide range of metal processing and installation services:

    • TIG, MAG and MMA welding;
    • installation and insulation of pipelines and various industrial equipment;
    • metal processing services (rolling, laser and plasma cutting, painting);
    • design of non-standard products and more.

All works are performed and services provided by the experienced and professional team of UAB BALTIC METALS CONSTRUCTIONS, therefore we can ensure the highest quality of service and prompt execution of orders. Contact us by e-mail or by phone +370 628 75599 and we will prepare you an offer for the services you are interested in.