About us

UAB BALTIC METAL CONSTRUCTIONS is a Lithuanian company established in 2014 by a team of ambitious and well-versed metal industry experts. The main activities of our company are:

    • production of metal constructions, pressure vessels and all kind of tanks;
    • welding of ferrous steel, stainless steel and aluminum;
    • cutting of metals;
    • rolling;
    • painting;
    • other services related to metal works.

Certified TIG and MMA welders of UAB BALTIC METAL CONSTRUCTIONS are capable of welding pressure piping systems, pressure vessels, as well as variety of building constructions, aluminum and other metal products. Every member of the team is a professional in his own field and has a lot of experience in the metal industry. That is why our products are extremely reliable and all works performed in accordance with the highest quality standards. In addition, the experience gained by working on different projects allows us to respond promptly to changes even after execution of the order has started. It also enables us to advise the client to make the right decisions. All manufactured items can be delivered, as well as installation works can be made, all across Europe. In order to fulfill all the demands of customers, the company has been certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.